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It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how hard you look, a typo is always somewhere to be found. I'm here to help!

I offer scalable proofreading services to the creative industries and individual artists. Whether it's the pilot script for that big producer, your debut play ready for competition(s) or an Arts Council submission, I can check and polish your words, grammar and formatting before sending them off to their final destination.

I can reformat scripts to industry standard and resupply them as PDFs. Additionally, I can QC show marketing artwork to meet the required deliverable standards in any language (dependent on approved copy being provided).

In my 'non-theatre' life (what) I've worked as a proofreader and artwork QC for agencies like Hogarth and Splash Worldwide, spotting typos and formatting mistakes for big companies at 60mph. And as a scriptwriter and creative myself, I understand that every word is precious; you don't want someone coming in deleting 'duplicate' words that are anything but. I'll look after your work while giving it the final shine that sometimes only a second pair of eyes can offer.

Things I can proofread include:

- Scripts for all mediums

- Arts Council submissions

- Marketing materials of all types (e.g. press releases, newsletters, posters)

I work in both UK and US English.

Get in touch for more information about my rates and current capacity.

Note: standard turnaround time is 7 days from receipt of material; I can offer a faster turnaround of 48 hours for an additional fee. Please plan accordingly. ;)

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